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Altaia Capital


Altaia Capital is an investment fund that specializes in acquiring unpaid debts in the financial, telecommunications and utilities sectors.

Over the past year, Altaia Capital has acquired non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios from several companies operating in the Spanish market, offering fair payment solutions to those that want to resolve their debt situation.

Our team

Our team has decades of accumulated experience in risk and debt management, ranging from appraisal of NPL portfolios to coordinating the work performed by associated judicial and amicable debt collection agencies.

Our commitment

Our debt collection agencies are member and follow the code of ethics defined by Angeco (National Association of Debt Collection Agencies), which regulates the personal data protection set by AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency) and the conduct of member entities.


The investment in NPL Portfolios requires a close relationship with the sellers and the buyer as well as thorough assessment of each opportunity which includes the design of different management strategies that best suit each type of portfolio.


Altaia Capital carefully selects the most experienced collection agencies to reach the objectives and have a through audit on-going process to ensure full compliance with good professional practices set forth by Angeco.

Payment methods

Please introduce the following data



You can go to a Spanish office post and indicate that you can pay a invoice using IMCash:

COMUNICACIÓN: You need the money, DNI / NIE and the reference of Altaia.
You can search the address of a postal office here

Go to any bank office. Simply you have to take the money and ID number. These are the data you need your bank:

RECIPIENT: Altaia Capital
PAYER: your Name
CONCEPT: the Identity Card number or reference number
RECIPIENT BANK ACCOUNT: You can transfer to any of our accounts. We recommend that you make from the same bank so that you do not charge fees:

BANK Banco Santander
IBAN ES49 0049 4338 7121 1004 0210
BANK Banc Sabadell
IBAN ES33 0081 0364 8600 0154 7756
Your payment