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Payment methods

If you have an outstanding debt with Altaia Capital, you can pay it easily through several payment methods:

Please introduce the following data



You can go to a Spanish office post and indicate that you can pay a invoice using IMCash:

COMUNICACIÓN: You need the money, DNI / NIE and the reference of Altaia.
You can search the address of a postal office here

Go to any bank office. Simply you have to take the money and ID number. These are the data you need your bank:

RECIPIENT: Altaia Capital
PAYER: your Name
CONCEPT: the Identity Card number or reference number
RECIPIENT BANK ACCOUNT: you can transfer to any of our accounts. We recommend that you make from the same bank so that you do not charge fees:

BANK Banco Santander
IBAN ES49 0049 4338 7121 1004 0210
BANK Banc Sabadell
IBAN ES33 0081 0364 8600 0154 7756
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