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Payment Policy

About your payments:

The purpose of the payment you made through the this site is to settle a debt with Altaia Capital. All payments will be recorded and applied to the appropriate account to reduce the outstanding debt.  We recommend you select the option to send you a copy of your receipt for your records and in case of a future dispute.   Please send us an email to info@altaiacapital.com in case you require further assistance.

Refund Policy:

In for any reason there has been an error in the amount of a payment or if you decide to cancel a payment made through this site, you must contact Altaia Capital via info@altaiacapital.com.  We will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

Please ensure to include in your email the following:

» Your full name
» Your DNI / NIE / CIF
» Your account Number
» Date of the disputed payment
» Amount of the disputed payment
» Reason of the dispute

Important Note: all banking charges, if there exist, will be borne by the user.