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You can go to a Spanish office post and indicate that you can pay a invoice using IMCash:

COMMUNICATION: You need the money, DNI / NIE and the reference of Altaia.
You can search the address of a postal office here

Go to any bank office. Simply you have to take the money and ID number. These are the data you need your bank:

RECIPIENT: Altaia Capital
PAYER: your Name
CONCEPT: the Identity Card number or reference number
RECIPIENT BANK ACCOUNT: you can transfer to any of our accounts. We recommend that you make from the same bank so that you do not charge fees:

BANK Banco Santander
IBAN ES49 0049 4338 7121 1004 0210
BANK Banc Sabadell
IBAN ES33 0081 0364 8600 0154 7756

Altaia Capital

Altaia Capital  is an investment fund that specializes in acquiring unpaid debts in the financial, telecommunications and utilities sectors.

Over the past year, Altaia Capital has acquired non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios from several companies operating in the Spanish market, offering fair payment solutions to those that want to resolve their debt situation.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Altaia Capital is an investment fund that specialises in acquiring unpaid debt in sectors relating to credit and consumption, including the financial, telecommunications and electric utilities sectors.

The sale of receivables by the original creditor to another creditor (an assignee or the new owner of the debt) is an increasingly common practice. Altaia Capital acquires, from different types of businesses, past-due receivables that are due owing to the existence of a certain payment obligation. Receivables assignment agreements are signed to formalise the receivables purchase transactions and placed on public record in the presence of a notary.

No, the nature of our business is not to recover money from people who do not have a debt to pay. We try to recover debt that is past due. If your original creditor has indicated to you that you no longer have a debt with them, it is because when they sold those bad debts, the debt passed with all its rights and obligations to the new creditor (in this case Altaia Capital) and it may be that your data is no longer registered at the original creditor.

If you do not agree with the debt we are claiming from you or you do not think you owe that debt, please contact us through our Contact page. The best way to corroborate that the debt is not yours is to submit the prior claims or complaints you made to the original creditor and the response given to these. With this documentation, we undertake to study your case personally and give you an answer. If you have already paid this debt, you can send us proof of payment through our online form so that we can verify it.

Let us know through our Contact page and we will try to find a solution to your financing problems to help you to settle your debt. If your explanation is coherent and well documented, we can create payment plans, setting a regular amount that you can pay or taking advantage of other methods of payment proposed by Altaia Capital for your benefit.

At Altaia Capital, we want to help you to solve your problem but we also have to remind you that ignoring payment requirements can lead to your debt increasing because of any late payment interest that is applied.

Reaching an agreement that allows your debt with us to be settled is beneficial for both parties. Some of the many values that Altaia Capital aims to practise are integrity, transparency and respect for our customers. If you have been informed that the solution for payment is a certain way, it is because that is the case; there is no small print.

The quickest and simplest way is to pay by credit card using a secure environment, through our website Payment methods. You can also get in contact with the partners who manage our debt and who, during the lifecycle of that management, have contacted you via different channels. In any case, if you prefer, leave us your details on our Contact page and we will call you as soon as possible to offer you a solution.
You also have other payment options, including Sofort, making payments through the Post Office, bank transfers and bank deposits. You can view all the available payment options here and choose the most convenient option.

I spoke to my friends and they told me not to worry about not paying: “They’ll soon get tired of calling you”.

Each case is studied in turn; what happens in the case of one person does not have to be what happens in the case of another.

Altaia Capital offers the opportunity for you to look jointly with it for flexible and customised solutions to deal with your situation and thus to avoid legal proceedings being started to exercise the rights acquired over your debt.

Depending on the type of proceedings that would have to be resorted to in order to collect the debt, your debit balance could increase by around 30% owing to the costs from the court proceedings. These costs consist of court fees and the legal expenses and interest.

Contact form

The reference number is made up of 10 digits, beginning with 02, 03 or 04. You can find it in the letter you received, identified as:

  • Bank account number
  • Reference number
  • Payment reference code

Example: 0290090807 ó 0390988765

Attach a copy of your national identity card to provide proof of identity or proof of your query


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